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8  Charlotte Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO1 4AJ

197 Allaway Avenue, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 4HG

228 Havant Road, Drayton, Hampshire PO6 1PA

Unit 2, Hambledon Road, Denmead, Hampshire PO7 6NU


Our Children's Funeral

* There is no charge for a cremation or burial of a child under the age of 18 - for more information please call us on: 023 92 733 645

Nothing can ever prepare you for the loss or death of a child, whether it is a pregnancy, a still-birth or the death of a baby or child.  Losing a loved one is always a very difficult and heart-breaking time, but to lose a child is a traumatic and devastating experience for any parent to endure and will never be easy to accept, deal with, or discuss.  At Forever Together our funeral arrangers are here to guide and support you through each step of the way when arranging your child's funeral.  They will do everything they can to give you the time you need, and their professional advice, support and knowledge to ensure that you have the farewell for your child that you wish for.


Our services include the following;

  • All our Professional Fees & Services
  • Care & Attention
  • Bringing your Child into Our Care
  • Visiting & Spending Time with your Child in any of our Chapels of Rest
  • Traditional Black Hearse and Limousine ( as required)
  • A Blue, Pink or White Child's coffin
  • A Coffin Floral Tribute ( in your colour/s of choice)
  • A Keepsake Memory Box (optional)

Third Party Fee's

  • Cremation Fee (or)
  • Interment & Purchase of Grave Fee
  • Minister or Celebrant fee
  • Doctor's fee (for cremation only)


*The Children's Funeral Fund

From 23rd July 2019 bereaved families no longer have to pay for their child's burial or cremation. England have announced the new Children's Funeral Fund. This new scheme enables families to arrange their child's funeral without the worry of the cost.

NB: If you would like any additional services or products not mentioned within the  package above, there will be additional fees and charges.


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